FPT Member Panel
I don't have Metamask, what should I do?
Doing operations with tokens actually means sending special transactions to a bunch of smart contracts. Metamask makes it easy and secure by never sending your private keys anywhere – it is installed locally. We highly recommend using Metamask, it can be downloaded and installed here: https://metamask.io/
How can I add my Ethereum address holding FPT to Metamask?
1. Install Metamask from the official website.

2. Create a Metamask account.

3. Make sure you are on the Main Ethereum Network.

4. Click "Import account".

5. Use your private key or encrypted JSON file and password from the account that participated in the FPT early presale, and click "Import".

6. Your account will be added to Metamask. Your private keys will be encrypted and stored locally on your computer. Metamask doesn't send it anywhere.
If I can not install Metamask, can I access my FPT tokens in another way?
Please contact Fluence Labs via email for assistance – [email protected]
    I don't see my FPT tokens in Metamask. How to view them?
    To view your FPT tokens in Metamask, make sure that you passed KYC/AML verification, "Approve" and "Release" steps.

    1. Open Metamask.

    2. Click "Tokens" -> "Add token".

    3. Specify field values as following:
    - Token Contract Address: 0x0…..
    - Token Symbol: FPT
    - Decimals of Precision: 18
      Vested Bonus
      What are the vesting rules?
      The general terms are:

      • Each FPT holder (FPT Token Owner) can exchange 1 FPT to 1 FLU at any moment after the FLU token release event, as planned.

      • All or some of the FPT tokens held are allowed to be sent to the Vesting Smart Contract (let's denote this number as X) before the FLU token release event to be locked in order to receive the vested bonus. No tokens can be sent to the Vesting Smart Contract after the FLU token release event commences.

      • Immediately after the FLU token release event, 5% * X FPT will be sent back to the FPT Token Owner.

      • Throughout the 120 days that occur after the FLU token release event at the end of every 30-day period, the Vesting Smart Contract will send 5% * X FPT to the FPT Token Owner. This might change insignificantly from a 30-day period to the calendar month (and 120 days to 4 calendar months) because of smart contract implementation difficulties, but the main principle will stay the same.

      • At any moment in time, the FPT Token Owner can withdraw any amount of FPT back from the Vesting Smart Contract. From that moment, airdrops will continue only for the remaining FPT on the contract.

      • In the case of a funds withdrawal in the middle of the 30 days (calendar month) period, the bonus will not be prorated. In other words a 5% bonus will be accrued only for the tokens that are still being held on the Vesting Smart Contract at the end of the period. See example B below for more details.

      • Note: To receive the entire +25% bonus, the FPT Token Owner has to keep all FPT on the Vesting Smart Contract until the 120-day period ends, otherwise the effective bonus will be lower.
      What is the timeline for the vesting?
      The vesting timeline is the following:

      • Sending period. Every FPT holder is allowed to send FPT to the Vesting Contract.

      • FLU token release event. Every FPT holder is allowed to convert FPT which is not being held by the Vesting Contract to the main token FLU.

      • Bonus period. Every FPT holder is allowed to withdraw FPT from the Vesting Contract or keep it up to 4 months to get a bonus.
        When applying for the vested token bonus is available?
        Early presale contributors will be able to apply for the vested token bonus during the period until the FLU token release event is commenced. After the beginning of the main sale, contributors will only be able to convert FPT to the main token FLU.
          When can I withdraw FPT from the vesting contract?
          If you deposited FPT to the Vesting Contract, you will be able to withdraw after the FLU token release event.
            How can I check my FPT balance and the vested bonus?
            You will be able to see your FPT balance, FPT on the vesting contract, and added bonus on fpt.fluence.one
            KYC/AML questions
            Where can I complete the KYC/AML process?
            Contributors to the Fluence early presale can complete the KYC/AML process on fpt.fluence.one
            Who is conducting KYC/AML?
            Fluence Labs has partnered with a third-party enterprise-grade solution to provide KYC/AML services for the early presale contributors.
            What if I went through KYC/AML process via PICOPS?
            Unfortunately, PICOPS service which we had been using previously was discontinued. Contributors who had been verified through PICOPS will need to verify their identities again using the new provided solution.
              Should I pay anything for KYC/AML?
              No, the KYC/AML process is free.
                How will the KYC/AML process work?
                Early presale contributors must provide the specified personal identification documents in order to complete the KYC/AML process. The provided information will be used to verify contributors' identities. Contributors will be notified after the successful completion of the process.
                Must KYC/AML be completed immediately?
                No. If there are any difficulties in completing KYC/AML, please be aware that this service will be available post-launch. For contributors, who will complete KYC/AML an additional vested bonus is offered.
                Can Fluence Labs help, if I lost an access to the address, contributed to Fluence early presale?
                In order to claim your tokens you will need to be able to sign messages by an address which participated in the Fluence early presale. If you had lost an access to such address, Fluence Labs cannot help to recover it.
                What are the next steps after completing KYC/AML?
                Contributors who successfully complete KYC/AML will be able to apply for additional vested bonus by sending their FPT tokens to the vesting smart contract. Later, FPT holders will be able to convert their FPT to the main token. Further information about next steps will be provided on fluence.one.
                What steps should be taken if an identity is wrongly flagged ("false positive")?
                Fluence Labs is using a leading global provider to check verified records against a number of global watch lists. Throughout the KYC/AML process, it is possible that some contributors may be incorrectly flagged as being included in one or more of these lists. If this happens, the contributor's progress will be put on pause while its information undergoes further review to ensure correctness. There will be instructions on how to resolve a false positive on the platform should a contributor consider itself to have been wrongly flagged. Fluence Labs will only be able to provide support to contributors who are wrongly flagged.
                Can I claim or convert my FPT tokens without going through KYC/AML?
                To conform to ecosystem and industry's best practices we must obtain, verify, and record information that identifies each contributor. Therefore, we regretfully cannot allow an early presale contributor to claim or convert its FPT tokens until it has properly completed the KYC/AML process and agreed to all terms and conditions.
                Can KYC/AML be completed if a contributor lacks identification information?
                In order to go through the KYC/AML process, early presale contributors must provide valid documentation as specified on the KYC/AML platform. Please be aware that this service will be available post-launch.