Fluence Pre-ICO Has Finished

2400+ ETH contributed by 293 participants during the Pre-ICO.
Check out the contract and transactions here.

Thanks to all contributors and stay updated!
What Is Fluence?
Fluence will allow to store, query, manage and monetize encrypted structured data, securing it with the power of blockchain technologies. Our goal is to become a go-to database for decentralized Internet applications.
Decentralized database
Structured data storage will allow to execute data queries on the nodes making it easy to use by decentralized apps developers.
Tokenized data economy
Data owners will be able to set a fine grained data access control to the part of their data using proxy re-encryption and get profits with smart contracts.
Storage market
Storage owners willing to monetize unused hardware resources will be connected with data owners looking to store data in the reliable encrypted p2p cloud.
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Tokensale Terms
Pre-ICO token: FPT
FPT allocation: 6,000,000 FPT
Cap: 2000-4000 ETH

FPT per 1 ETH price:
1500 FPT (100% bonus) for <5 ETH contribution
2250 FPT (200% bonus) for 5-100 ETH contribution
3000 FPT (300% bonus) for 100+ ETH contribution

Min Pre-ICO contribution: 0.5 ETH
Main crowdsale rate: 1 FLU = $0.44 in ETH

FPT tokens will be converted to tradable FLU tokens after the main tokensale. FLU token price will be fixed in USD once the Pre-ICO finishes. Main tokensale Cap and FLU allocation may be adjusted to keep Pre-ICO bonuses.

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Key Dates
July 28
Pre-ICO announcement
August 14
Pre-ICO start
September 4
Pre-ICO closing
Q4 2017
Main tokensale
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What is the difference between FPT and FLU tokens?
FPT token is created only during Pre-ICO and an allocation is limited by 6,000,000 FPT tokens. FPT tokens are not tradable and will be converted to FLU after the main tokensale at the rate 1 FPT = 1 FLU.
What is the exact max cap in ETH?
The maximum cap is defined in FPT tokens and is equal to 6,000,000 FPT. Depending on amounts that will be contributed, it might vary from 2000 ETH (all contributors >100 ETH) to 4000 ETH (all contributors <5 ETH). If the max cap is not reached, all unsold tokens will be burnt.
When will the main tokensale take place?
Due to the unstable market situation with Segwit, SEC regulations and so on, we consider a floating date of the main tokensale. In general, we aim it to happen in Q4 2017.
How can I convert FPT tokens to FLU?
You will be able to do it after the main tokensale. Instructions will be provided.
Who can not participate in Pre-ICO?
Due to the latest SEC regulations, we don't allow US residents to participate in Pre-ICO or main tokensale. To get the Pre-ICO Ethereum contract address, each contributor has to accept Pre-ICO terms & conditions.
What will happen with the token price, if Ethereum price increases/decreases 10 times before main tokensale?
Token price (FPT) will be fixed in USD once the Pre-ICO finishes to avoid volatility risks. FLU tokens on tokensale will be sold for exactly this price. For example, if we fix the token price when ETH price is $300, the token price will get fixed at $300 / 750 = $0.4 per token.