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What is Fluence?

Fluence is a network of independent nodes that provide a decentralized encrypted database service. It fits for private, medical, or any other type of structured data.

The Web 3.0 demands a decentralized solution that will allow secure data storage and processing, scales accordingly, and available at any time. It must allow anyone to benefit from her data and build any application on top of it. Fluence architecture should make current database attacks impossible and be prone to human error. The removal of single point of failure and censorship also means that this solution must be independent of the will of any single company, including its developers.
Decentralized database
Structured data storage will allow to execute data queries on the nodes making it easy to use by decentralized apps developers.
Tokenized data economy
Data owners will be able to set a fine grained data access control to the part of their data using proxy re-encryption and get profits with smart contracts.
Storage market
Storage owners willing to monetize unused hardware resources will be connected with data owners looking to store data in the reliable encrypted p2p cloud.
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Fluence team will give talks and pitch on various conferences and meetups next few months. You are welcome to join us and have talk!
Jan 29-30
Feb 14
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Feb 26-27
Feb 26-27
Mar 15-16
Mar 20-21
Crypto Economy, Amsterdam
Bitcoin Super Conference, Dallas